Short, Sharp Interview: Jim Winter

jim winter cover-smallPDB: Can you pitch THE COMPLEAT WINTER in 25 words or less?

JW: 22 stories of the dark side of the American dream.

PDB: What music, books, films or television shows do you wish you had written?

JW: Funny you should mention music. I just heard Brian Wilson’s Smile for the first time and regretted never picking up a guitar until I was 42. (Haven’t played a note since my last lesson.) I remember listening to how intricate that whole suite was and thought, “All that came out of his head?”

PDB: Which books do you think would make great films or TV series?

I’d like to see someone take a whack at the 87th Precinct updated for the present. It’d have to flip back to New York, but police shows are usually a no-brainer for American television. I’d also love to see the BBC adapt Stuart MacBride’s work.

PDB: Who are the great American novelists?

I would say Lehane, but his output is so slow. At least it’s always worth the wait. Stephen King, even if some of his more recent work is a bit self-indulgent. Doesn’t everyone who gets that successful?

PDB: Is blogging killing journalism?

Laziness and ratings are killing journalism. It’s just easier to be lazy on a blog.

PDB: Createspace or Lulu? KDP or Smashwords?

Createspace is probably the easiest to get work out there in print. It’s what I use. As for KDP vs. Smashwords, it depends. Smashwords gets you onto the most platforms, but KDP is Amazon, which is where 80-90% of readers go. You can complain about Amazon having a virtual monopoly, but someone needs to come up with something easier if they want to compete.
PDB: What’s on the cards for 2014? 

A new Kepler novel by fall.

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