Recommended Reads.

Corrosion by Jon Bassoff There’s a stranger in town. A disfigured war veteran stops off in a small American town on his way to The Mountain and violence quickly ensues. Jon Bassoff’s Corrosion is so well-written it hurts. Intense, Gothic, violent, lyrical, cinematic, delirious, brilliant. This is the real deal. True noir. As Close As You’ll Ever Be by Seamus Scanlon A lyrical and moving series of interwoven, intimate and sometimes brutal short stories that show how an ordinary  Galway boy can grow up to become a criminal and killer. Powerful, often funny and beautifully written. Hard Bite by Anonymous 9 Hard Bite is the gripping and blackly comic story of a serial killer in a wheelchair and his monkey accomplice that kicks off a brilliant combination of revenge tale, mini- mafia saga and police procedural. A smart and arch spin on hardboiled crime fiction. Paul Carter Is A Dead Man by Ryan Bracha The creeps have inherited the earth- well Great Britain- and Paul Carter is kicking against the prigs in this fast moving and funny dystopian thriller that rings all too true. Brilliant Extricate by Graham Wynd Extricate is a twisty- turny erotic noir tale of dishonour amongst thieves that is skewered with hot lust and cold blooded murder. Tasty! Bangkok Cowboy by Ron McMillan Bangkok Cowboy is a cracking good hardboiled read to be sure. Fast paced, action packed, choc full of colorful characters and with a great sense of place. I loved it. More of the same please! Dream Land by Keith Nixon. Dream Land is a kind of prequel to Keith Nixon’s fantastic debut The Fix and introduces us to Konstantin the homeless ex-KGB agent who arrives in Margate and attempts to lay low only to end up in the sights of local gangster Dave The Rave. Cracking stuff.


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