Exiles Guest Blog: Exiles – The short story behind the short story by Sonia Kilvington

Exiles cover preview (1)Being a very willing exile living in Cyprus, I was delighted to be asked by Paul D. Brazill to join the ‘Exiles’ gang with a short story for the exciting, new noir crime collection. In time, I have encountered many different types of exile, some who have chosen to escape from unworkable or painful situations, others who feel they have been subjected to a type of banishment, both geographical and social, which has been unwillingly thrust upon them.  I have also discovered that state of self-imposed exile quite often occurs as a reaction against a dysfunctional family situation, as it does in my story, ‘Disappearing Act.’

Generally there are parallels between my characters and myself, although at first glance they are not always obvious, even to me! My character in the story ‘Disappearing Act’ is a woman who has spent her life struggling to be appreciated and accepted by her family at the cost of her own identity.  She has in effect,  ’disappeared’  from her own life, and her only, temporary reprieve from the frustrations of a  bad marriage and bullying family is her  growing obsession with  a TV crime drama, called ‘Missing.’

The idea of someone going missing without warning has always resonated with me. That a person can go out for a bottle of milk and never come back raises many interesting questions. In this story I wanted to explore how it felt to be the person who was left behind, and all of the emotional baggage that comes with that, but as you will see, not everything is quite as it seems…

Bio:  Sonia Kilvington is a journalist based in the beautiful Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Sheis a published short story writer, poet and novelist. She has a B.A. Hons Humanities as well as many qualifications in creative writing from Leeds and Teesside universities. She lives in the beautiful Cypriot village of Oroklini with her husband and daughter, and has recently published her secon d novel in the DI Flynn series, Buried in the Hills; an exciting murder mystery set in Cyprus. Sonia is currently writing the final part of the DI Flynn trilogy; The Island of Lost Content.