Exiles Guest Blog: We Are All Special Cases by Patti Abbott

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In the spring of 2011, we let an apartment in Paris for two weeks. It was in the Marais district and delightful in every way except it was four flights of very uneven stairs to get to it. After a long day of seeing the sights, we would often arrive home, dead on our feet, around dusk. Each night, in the flat across the very narrow street, we would spot what looked like giant wings at the window.


And every night my husband would find a benign and ordinary explanation for the wings and I would seize on something more dramatic. Since I suffer from insomnia, my late night excursions into the front room allowed my mind to roan further still.


This story began as a flash fiction challenge on my own blog and developed into a longer piece from that.


Bio: More than 100 stories by Patti Abbott have appeared in print and online. Her two ebooks, MONKEY JUSTICE and HOME INVASION) were published through Snubnose Press. She is the co-editor of DISCOUNT NOIR. Her first novel, CONCRETE ANGEL, will debut in early 2015 through Exhibit A Books. You can find her blogging at pattinase.blogspot.com