Exiles Guest Blog: Dullcreek by Carrie Clevenger

Exiles cover preview (1)Homosexuality was a non-topic when I was growing up in the eighties. The ultimate ‘weird,’ and though I was never gay, I knew people who were. People I loved who suffered privately while playing a charade of heterosexuality. Boys chased after girls, who in turn were meant to be pretty for them. A prize worth claiming. Future mate and companion.

When Paul approached me to write for Exiles, I had little hesitation in turning over a work I’d had in the back of my hard drive for a good amount of time. Originally a flash-fiction piece, “Dullcreek,” to me at least, addresses the alienation associated with social exile, or dissemination from the general public. Lesley, my character narrator in the story, relates a background that includes a lost love, shame and finally, avenged anger—all wrapped up in being who she is. Her sexual identity automatically excludes her from ever being a true presence in the world. To just be herself.

It is my hope that with time and education, that acceptance of the gay and lesbian community becomes universal, and that each individual can be free to chase the subject of their heart’s desire. That marriage be recognized as a pact between two people that love one another and wish to make a lifetime commitment, and that this ridicule and persecution of their chosen lifestyles cease. Only then, can love truly reign.

Bio: Carrie Clevenger enjoys documentaries, non-fiction, Blue Moon beer, music and coffee. Sometimes she writes poetry and short stories that have bad endings. She’s the elusive sort and has a horrid fear of meeting people. Carrie is the author of the Crooked Fang series, writes erotic tidbits under the pseudonym  Annice Sands, and has many more awful things planned.


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