Recommended Reads: Thuglit 11

Thuglit is a magazine that rightly prides itself on its high standards. This issue is a pretty much perfect collection of the thuglit 11various strands of hard-boiled fiction.

Mathew McBride kicks the doors open with Sounding, a gritty and funny story of smuggling that has more to it than many novels.

Black Pearls by Jessica Adams is brilliantly atmospheric, with a sense of impending doom hanging over it from the very start.

Dinner Rush by Angel Luis Colon is a classic slice of crime fiction about a disgruntled chef.

A Bottle Of Scotch and a Sharp Buck Knife by Scott Grand is a kind of hard-boiled coming of age story and very well done it is too.

A Plea Bargain To Purgatory by Kenneth Levine is the classy tale of a Catholic hit-man on the wrong side of the gun.

Larry’s Proposal by Michael Cebula is the brilliantly tragi-comic tale of a lowlife who thinks he’s got it all worked out.

Ofrenda by J. David Gonzalez is richly painted, full of great images and top class writing.

192 Over 110 by Max Sheridan is simply fantastic. Put me in mind of Charles Willford.

So, a first rate collection.

Every one a gem.