Recommended Reads: Lady In Red by Sheila Quigley

sheila-quigley-lady-in-red-e1398201427767Sheila Quigley– the Queen Of Brit Grit – returns to her best-selling Seahills Estate series after a break to pen the high-octane Holy Island thriller trilogy. And to say the break has reinvigorated her is an understatement.

In Lady In Red, multiple plot threads abound – a man fresh out of prison and bent on revenge, a hit and run killing, a gruesome murder, a cop drugged and left for dead, a missing teenager and a seismic blast from the past who is back on the scene and up to no good.

Lady In Red is just as gritty and down to earth as the previous Seahills books, with likable and recognisable characters, but the pace and multiple POVs make reading it a breathless and fast-moving race to a tense climax which leaves just enough story strands dangling to make reading the next Seahills novel –  The Sound Of Silence – pretty much essential. A belter!

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