Recommended Reads: Hard-Boiled Witch by K. A . Laity

With her terrific  new short story series, Hard-Boiled Witch, K A Laity – authohard-boiled witchr of the cracking White Rabbit – once again mixes crime fiction, the supernatural and smart writing to come up with a lethal cocktail. Marvelous .

The Blurbs: Book 1: Hocus-Pocus You’re Dead. Hecate Sidlaw eats punks like you for breakfast — at least that’s what her familiar Henry claims. When someone needs a protection spell or a nasty hex, they knock on her door. Hecate can handle most magical problems, but what happens when a new crime kingpin gets a magic man of their own?

Book 2: Toil and Trouble. Hecate Sidlaw finds herself caught between a wannabe witch and one of the oldest hereditary powers in the land. When she and her familiar Henry end up as seconds in a magical duel, will anyone be left standing at the end of the shootout? Enter the dark streets and weird magic of HARD-BOILED WITCH and your life will never be quite the same. This is the second episode in the short story series.

Book 3:  Charms O’erthrown. Hecate Sidlaw finds herself in a wild storm of shady folks all looking for a priceless artifact that’s gone missing. With all the double dealing and surprising murders, it’s a wonder she and Henry can find out what’s really going on — and what this precious treasure could be. An ancient alchemical text may hold the answers if only Hecate and Henry can live long enough to get to the library!