A Song For Saturday: Shame by monkeyheaven

moneyheaven‘monkeyheaven has all the usual stuff you’d expect to find in a popular music outfit except musicians or popular music.’

I always joked so well
Freezing in your flat above the shop
Waiting for the rain to never stopYou never coped so well
Living in a squalid rented room
Smoking in the cobwebs in the gloom
Watching out the window for the moon
That never came

Yeah I never came
I’m the one to blame
For the lack of shame
That dogged you to your grave

And it’s such a shame
That I didn’t care
We were going nowhere
It’s such a shame

It’s such a shame
Yeah I didn’t care
Not enough to spare
A single strand of hair
When you were so threadbare
Cos of all the shame
You hesitate to name
That penetrates the rain

It’s such a shame

And in the morning
I’ll love you less than I used to
Even less than I used to

And in the morning
We’ll get up like we used to
Just like how we used to
Oh how we used to

I’ll never change
Yeah I’ll never change

You’re still the same

All the friends you kept
Attracted by your starving artist kitsch
Moths who suicide inside your fridge
A drink and then some sordid sortilege
Will never change

It’s such a shame

from Shame, released 30 August 2014

Have a listen to SHAME.