Short, Sharp Interview: Robert Cowan

robert cowan bookPDB: What’s going on now?

My first novel The Search for Ethan is out and getting encouraging reviews, especially in the UK. What’s it about? I thought you’d never ask.

The Search for Ethan tells the story of Tommy Slater and Stevie McDaid. Though very different personalities, they find in each other something of what is missing in themselves. But everything changes after a night of hallucinogenic experimentation, when the subsequent bad trip spills into their real lives with tragic consequences. A desperate but comically bizarre search for redemption begins, with help from an unlikely source.

On top of that I’m finding my feet in the “wrote a book now what?” part of the journey. I’ve heard it said so often that writing is the easy part…No shit.

PDB: How did you research this book?

The Search for Ethan is mainly about the characters. For that I just crawled into the dark places of my warped excuse for a mind, but found some twisted joy too. Also people watching does provide “inspiration”.

PDB: Which of your publications are you most proud of?

This is my first, and I am proud it. Hopefully the next even more so.

PDB: What’s your favourite film/ book/ song/ television programme?

The Searchers/Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas/Gimme Shelter/Sopranos

PDB: Is location important to your writing?

No. I deliberately used imaginary place names. I like the idea that these people could exist the world over. That said I’m sure it has a Scottish flavour.

PDB: How often do you check your Amazon rankings?

Initially with a first novel insanity inducing frequency. Now I rarely do. Not enough medication.

PDB: What’s next?

I’m off to China soon for a few weeks which should be intriguing. I’m also writing the follow up to The Search for Ethan. Untitled at present. A mix of gangsters, rock n roll, violence, friendship and humour.

robert cowanBio: I live in Lesmahagow, a small town in glorious Scotland, with my equally glorious wife, two kids and cats.

After years of making music and song writing, The Search for Ethan is my first novel.

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