Short, Sharp Interview: Benedict J Jones

pennies for charon 2

PDB: What’s going on now?

My debut novel, Pennies for Charon, has just been released by Crime Wave Press. It continues the misadventures of my ex-con turned private eye character Charlie Bars who we first met in the short story “Real Estate” and whose story was continued in the novella “Skewered” and short story “Dirty Pictures”.

PDB: How did you research this book?

A lot of it came from things I’d picked up about London over the years but I did do some research into some of the mythical origins of the city. I also brushed up on my Greek myths as they play a part in the story.

PDB: Which of your publications are you most proud of?

I’d have to say it’s the novel. It seems that every time I pass a new milestone that becomes the thing I’m most proud of – so before it was the first story, then the tenth, then the collection and now the novel.

PDB: What’s your favourite film/ book/ song/ television programme?

Film wise I’m a huge fan of westerns with “The Wild Bunch”, “Unforgiven” and “The Outlaw Josey Wales” being amongst my favourites, in terms of crime films I love the narrative of “Carlito’s Way”. There are far too many books I love to pick favourites. In regards to TV I think “True Detective” has been my “watch of the year”. Musically my tastes are quite varied but at a pinch throw on anything by Slick Rick or Sam Cooke and I’d be happy.

PDB: Is location important to your writing?

Massively so, it feels at times, especially with the novel, that the city itself is a character within the story with its own agenda, needs and wants.

ben jonesPDB: How often do you check your Amazon rankings?

Far too often. It’s nice to see if the books are shifting any copies.

PDB: What’s next?

Work has started on plotting the next Charlie Bars novel and while I’m doing that I’m finishing and editing a large number of short stories I’d like to get sent out before I start work properly on the next long project.

Bio: Benedict J Jones is a writer of crime, horror and western fiction from south east London. His collection “Skewered; And Other London Cruelties” was released by Crime Wave Press early in 2014 and has just been followed up by his debut novel “Pennies for Charon”