Recommended Read: Down Among The Dead by Steve Finbow

steve finbowDown Among The Dead by Steve Finbow is the brilliantly breathless, brutal and lyrical story of a retired IRA gunman facing up to his past. Published by the splendid Number Thirteen Press. 

Here’s the blurb:  Some lies we live. Some truths we allow to die. 

London, 2008. An old man, Michael, sees out his final days sustained by Guinness and talk of the old country. But some memories won’t go quietly to the grave. Some mistakes are not erased by time. And no matter how hard he tries to forget, there’s always someone trying to dig up the skeletons of the past.

Belfast, 1988. The height of the Troubles. Michael is a bagman, a messenger, a go-between, called on to perform one last little job for the IRA. After that, perhaps he can start to patch his life back together. After that, perhaps he can build a future for himself and his family.

Just one last job…

Down Among the Dead is a story of trouble and the Troubles, and a violent collision of past and present in the life of one man.