Recommended Read: SKULL FRAGMENTS: Noir Stories by Tim L. Williams

skull fragments‘My mother had a lot of “boyfriends”, but only two of them tried to killer her.’

New Pulp Press is one of the best publishers of transgressive fiction around and they really have excelled themselves with , SKULL FRAGMENTS: Noir Stories by Tim L. Williams.

At times reminiscent of Donald Ray Pollock’s Knockemstiff or  Richard Ford’s Rock Springs, the 14 stories in SKULL FRAGMENTS have an extra noir edge to them, a way of digging into the hearts and minds of their lost and lonely characters..

Every story in SKULL FRAGMENTS is a sharp gem but personal favourites include the opening WHERE THE SUN GOES DOWN, WHERE WILL YOU BE WHEN THE WATERS RISE?, THE LAST WRESTLING BEAR IN KENTUCKY, WHERE YOU FIND YOURSELF  and the neo-Gothic closer, TICK.

Chilling, touching, sad, brutal,brilliant and beautifully written. Highly recommended.