Recommended Read: Bourbon & Blondes: Vintage Noir & Pulp by Anthony Venutolo

bourbon and blondesThere is certainly no shortage of bourbon and blondes in Anthony Venutolo‘s brilliant collection of short stories and flash fiction. But there’s also much, much more.

There’s jazz and torch songs, Americana and a secret history of America, Castro and Sinatra, Hollywood hacks and gamblers, Las Vegas and Cuba. Edward Hopper and Humphrey Bogart.  The 1950s and the 19th century. And more.

The stories in  Bourbon & Blondes: Vintage Noir & Pulp by Anthony Venutolo  are beautifully painted vignettes, sharp snapshots and film clips that taste of Tom Waits, Nelson Algren and Damon Runyon but have a strong and smokey  flavor all of their own.

Highly recommended.