Short, Sharp Interview: Graham Wynd

satan's sororityPDB: What’s going on now?

Satan’s Sorority is out NOW from Number 13 Press! I just came back from Bouchercon where I gave out loads of ‘I’m pledging Sigma Tau Nu’ badges, plus I got to read from my story ‘Life Just Bounces’ at the big Murder Under the Oaks reading and then signed more books than I have ever signed before, thanks to the big guns that are in that collection.

PDB: How did you research your latest book/ short story?

I joined a satanic sorority and made a blood pledge – aw, who am I kidding? I did attend a certain Connecticut institution at one time that has a notorious Greek row but not notorious for Satanism as far as I know. Also as part of my job I do historical research into magic. I did have to check dates (and cheated when they didn’t quite fit!) and pore through archives to see how tabloids were covering sensational crimes in 1958. Probably the best research was watching a lot of crap occult films in the 1970s – well some of them were good, great in fact! I loved the often ambiguous endings of them, but that’s like a whole post in itself.

PDB: Which of your publications is the most successful?

Probably Murder Under the Oaks but I have high hopes for Satan’s Sorority. It’s just dying to become an indy horror film! I suppose over all the Chastity Flame series has sold the most units but nothing big enough to make me change my lifestyle.

PDB: What’s your favourite film/ book/ song/ television programme of 2015?

Oh, I don’t know. Mad Max: Fury Road probably wins for film. It was just so wonderful and I love the soundtrack so much. Drum crazy! Television: I absolutely loved Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. Making fairy scary again like it should be, and so dark. Books? Well, friends aside because I don’t want to piss anyone off by not mentioning them – my friends all write awesome books and you should check them out – I’m deep into The Big Con by David Maurer. It inspired The Sting and it’s all about how the big con games flourished in the early 20th century. Fascinating stuff. I think I need to write a self-help book that teaches people to live like con artists.

extricate ebook 72ppiPDB: Is location important to your writing?

Oh yeah. I’ve mostly set my crime stories in Britain or Europe, but I’m using a few US settings now because apparently the big publishers prefer that. I’m experimenting with using the Hudson Valley (where I spend half the year) as a setting, but I just seem more naturally inclined to set stories in Britain. Maybe it was all the stories I read as a kid – or my immersion in classic British humour at the formative age, around the same time as all those cheesy horror films, but those are the voices in my head.

PDB: What’s next?

Amongst other things, I’m working on a novel inspired by a song by the Royale Brothers, who were an awesome Connecticut band. Noir, death, downward spirals and betrayal: the usual sort of thing. And I’ve already thought up a sequel to Satan’s Sorority so now I just need to see if it does well enough that anyone wants it. I always have about ten projects going on. It’s nuts.

Bio: A writer of bleakly noirish tales with a bit of grim humour, Graham Wynd can be found in Dundee but would prefer you didn’t come looking. An English professor by day, Wynd grinds out darkly noir prose between trips to the local pub. Wynd’s novella Satan’s Sorority is out now from Number Thirteen Press. See more stories (including free reads!) here.

Satan’s Sorority teaser trailer

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