21tales_200Can you imagine getting drunk with Jim Thompson, O Henry and Roald Dahl? Can you imagine the rush, the laughs and the chills?

Well, yes or no, sit yourself down, hell, lie down if you want to, and knock back a couple of shots of the dark stuff, the strong stuff, courtesy of Mr Dave Zeltserman.

21 Tales is a classy pulp collection which reads like a beaut of an anthology , although all twenty one stories were written by one man.

If you’re familiar with Dave Zeltserman brilliant crime novels- like Killer or Small Crimes- or his horror novels- like Blood Crimes– you’ll know that Zeltserman is a master noir story teller.

With 21 Tales he gives us a veritable cornucopia of stories that were written between 1992 and 2006. There is crime, suspense, sci-fi, horror and myriad cross pollinations of those genres.

21 Tales is a lethal –Molotov – cocktail that won’t give you a hangover but could give nightmares.

Published by PaulDBrazill

A writer and teacher, from England and living in Poland. 'The Poundland Poe.' Books include The Last Laugh, Guns Of Brixton, and Gumshoe Blues. This/ That/ & The Other.

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