Recommended Read: Cars and Girls by Various Artists

cars and girlsCars and Girls is a brutal pulp fiction anthology featuring, well,  cars, girls and a hell of a lot more.

The first story, Zoe Spencer’s 500, is a tight, hard-boiled revenge yarn reminiscent of the early Matt Helm books.  Tee Tyson’s Roadrunner is the story of Holly Hellbound, fresh out of the slammer with unfinished business to sort out. Madeline Harvey’s Barracuda has a small-town waitress taking revenge on behalf of her younger sister. Evangeline Jennings’ remarkable Crown Victoria is a classic lovers-on-the run story with a twist of the blackest noir.

Every story in Cars and Girls is a sharp, hard gem. Violent, lurid and sometimes touching, Cars and Girls is highly recommended.

Published by PaulDBrazill

A writerand teacher, from England and living in Poland.

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