Recommended Reads: Zandri, Milne, Stanley, Jaggers.

The Guilty – Vincent Zandri

the guiltyJack Marconi is a former prison warden turned private eye. In The Guilty – the third book in a hugely successful series – Marconi is hired by a successful architect and asked to investigate the rich playboy who is accused of  attempting to murder his daughter. Vincent Zandri’s The Guilty is a gripping combination of old-school hardboiled detective yarn and a ‘80s high-octane action movie. Immensely enjoyable.

Act of Madness – Dominic Milne.

act of madnessRogue cop Detective Sergeant Eddie Kane is back, and then some.  The body of a child and a headless corpse are both found floating in one of north London’s canals within weeks of each other. The Albanian mafia are shipping hopeful young men and women into London with the promise of a better life. Meanwhile, Eddie Kane is investigating an internet porn scam and is sent on a special undercover assignment at an acting school. The various story strands soon interweave, however, in a brilliant and brutal slice of crime fiction that digs deep below the surface of London life.

The Curious Case of the Missing Moolah – Martin Stanley

The Curious Case of the Missing MoolahThe Stanton Brothers are in trouble after Eric Stanton is robbed and ten grand of his boss’ money is stolen from him. As they attempt to track down the robbers, and the money, things only get worse, of course. Martin Stanley once again gives us a perfect example of Brit Grit, full of violence, humour, great characters, realistic dialogue and a fantastic sense of place.

Down In The Devil Hole – David Jaggers

down in the devil holeIn this brilliant collection of interconnected short stories, David Jaggers casts a beady eye over the broken, brutal lives of the citizens of Bronson, Kentucky as a storm approaches.  Each story is a sharp slice of the hard life and the sum of the parts is even greater than the whole. Down In The Devil Hole is powerful stuff, like a combination of Donald Ray Pollock’s Knockemstiff and Jim Thompson’s The Kill Off. Highly recommended.



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