Recommended Read: Mardi Gras Murder – ed. Sarah E. Glenn

mardi gras murderMardi Gras Murder is a rich, vivid, vibrant anthology of thirteen crime stories, all of which take place during New Orleans’ – frankly, bonkers sounding – Mardi Gras festival.

There are some great titles –  Krew Of Bayou Black, Voodoo Honeymoon, Bourbon Street Lucifer, Red Beans and Ricin – and some cracking yarns too.

Stand out stories from me were Daniel Moore’s Even, Nathan Pettigrew’s Krew Of Bayou Black, Paul Wartenburg’s Why the Mask and Sarah E Glenn’s Red Beans and Ricin but there is lots of good stuff in this tasty gumbo of pulp fiction, cozy mystery, horror, black humour and more. Check it out!