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dana wgoDana King.

Quite a bit, actually. So much so I’m hoping to take most of the summer off. To wit:

My newest Nick Forte PI mystery, A Dangerous Lesson, launched May 15 in print and Kindle editions, both available through all finer Amazon outlets. In this, the fourth of the Forte stories, Nick is investigating an heiress’s new boyfriend when he becomes tangentially—then deeply—involved with a serial killer. Frankly, I’m not a fan of serial killer fiction, but this story appealed to me as a way to get into Forte’s increasingly dark character. They say two people in a relationship will tend to sink to the level of the one who’s most fucked up, and that’s certainly the case here.

I recently finished the outline for my next Penns River story, tentatively titled Small Town Crime. Based on said outline, this will be my most ambitious book and will force me to try to stretch my abilities. Light a candle for me if you’re so inclined.

“Wait,” you say. “The ‘next’ Penns River book? There are others?” Damn right. Two of them have been released previously, and, thanks to Down & Out Books, all four of the Penns River books currently residing on my hard drive will become available over the next couple of years. D&OB will re-release Worst Enemies and Grind Joint this fall, with the third (and new) book, Resurrection Mall, to become available in the spring of 2017. Contracts have yet to be signed, but we also have a handshake agreement to release the fourth PR book—PR-Two—in the spring of 2018. Everyone at Down and Out has been great to work with and I’m jazzed about the whole process of working with them, as well as the quality group of writers I can now call peers without seeming presumptuous. (You’d have to ask them how crazy they are about that prospect.)

I’ll also be at Bouchercon in New Orleans September 15 – 18 and the Creatures, Crime, and Creativity (C3) Conference in Columbia MD September 30 – October 2. Anyone at either of these events, please stop by and say hello. You don’t need to buy a book. I’ll sign anyone’s book, you want me to. Hell, I’ll sign their name in their book if the line’s too long for you to wait. That’s the kind of reader-oriented writer I am.

(Thanks to Paul Brazill, author, raconteur, and bon vivant, for providing this forum. Truly a gentleman. Hell of a writer, too.)

Bio : Woody Haut, writing in the LA Review of Books, named Dana King’s novel Grind Joint as one of the fifteen best noir reads of 2013. His first PI novel, A Small Sacrifice, received a Shamus Award nomination that same year. A short story, “Green Gables,” appeared in the anthology Blood, Guts, and Whiskey, edited by Todd Robinson. Other short fiction has appeared in Spinetingler, New Mystery Reader, A Twist of Noir, Mysterical-E, and Powder Burn Flash. His newest book is A Dangerous Lesson.

Dana’s blog, One Bite at a Time, resides at danaking.blogspot.com. He lives in quiet near seclusion with The Beloved Spouse.

K A Laity

Chastity_Flame_boxset-KALaity-1800HRI was amused by a tweet from Radio 4 wondering — at this late date  — whether it was time for Jane Bond. I think Peter O’Donnell and I both would have the same eye-rolling reaction to that. Not least because my sexy spy thriller Chastity Flame has resurfaced from her adventures for a shiny new opportunity: Thanks to Smashwords, Wattpad and Tirgearr Publishing, we’re serialising the first book of the trilogy. That’s right, you can read the book for FREE that’s been called ‘50 Shades of James Bond’ and ‘a highly addictive, fast-moving, clever, sexy and funny globe-trotting, spy romp’ by Mr B himself.

Head over to Wattpad to start reading one chapter a day! Be advised, it’s smoking hot so not for the prudish. James Bond gets a run for his money in that department. Can’t wait that long? Jump over to Smashwords (the alternative to Amazon) and pick up the book or all three in the trilogy.

Over on the Graham Wynd side of my life the exciting news is that two anthologies I’m in are up for Anthony Awards: my story ‘Life Just Bounces’ is in Murder Under the Oaks edited by Art Taylor and my tale ‘Mesquite’ appears in Protectors 2: Heroes which Thomas Pluck edited. Lots of great books up for the awards—tough choices for those voting in New Orleans!

Meanwhile I’m trying to wrap up a novella called Love is a Grift and figure out who I should send it off to. I think the tag line will be, ‘One woman, four cities—and a string of bodies.’ How’s that sound?

I wouldn’t usually bring up academic stuff here, but I’m working on an essay about Dorothy Hughes’ The Expendable Man for a special issue of TEXT on crime fiction and the creative nexus. The more I write about Hughes the more I admire her writing. If you haven’t yet read the novel In a Lonely Place grab it. Then go get the Criterion release of the film. What a gorgeous piece of messed-up noir with glorious Gloria and a surly Bogart. You will not be disappointed.

K. A. Laity is the award-winning author of White Rabbit, Dream Book, A Cut-Throat Business, Lush Situation, Owl Stretching, Unquiet Dreams, Chastity Flame, and Pelzmantel, as well as editor of Respectable Horror, Weird Noir, Noir Carnival and Drag Noir. She also writes historical fiction as Kit Marlowe and crime as Graham Wynd. Dr. Laity teaches medieval literature, film, gender studies, digital humanities and popular culture at the College of Saint Rose, where she is also the director of the Digital Humanities Initiative. She divides her time between upstate New York and Dundee, Scotland.