Nun With A Gun at Pulp Metal Magazine.

BRIT GRIT, flash fiction, London, Paul D Brazill, Pulp Metal Magazine

PULPLOGOI have a new yarn up at PULP METAL MAGAZINE.

It’s called NUN WITH A GUN– which, I realise, sounds like a Vic Reeves character.

Anyway, it starts off like this:

The light from the full moon guided her way as Sister Lara walked down Roseberry Hill using her father’s rifle as a walking stick. Lara’s Day-Glo Dr Martin boots gripped the slippery, muddy surface. Her nun’s habit flapped in the night wind like a bat’s wings.  

Halfway down, she stopped. She could see the occasional lights of the cars cutting along the road below. She waited until she saw the big truck’s headlights. When it got close enough, she said a prayer and fired three shots, hoping that she’d hit something in the dark. The screech of tires told her that she had.’

Read the rest here.