Daz Pulsford Reviews The Last Laugh

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The Last Laugh

Over at Amazon.co.uk, Daz Pulsford gives The Last Laugh 5 Stars and says:

‘Mr Brazill is up to it again – mixing dark, twisted humour with madcap crime capers, the odd turn of menace and no end of inventive descriptions for the (frequently) awful weather. I mean – he really does know how to use the weather to set a dismal, depressing scene: one of the advantages of growing up in Britain…

Across these pages you’ll find a mix of flash and short stories, a few sharing the same characters: our erstwhile ‘handy man’ from the depressing, gritty realism of Seatown, to our travelling Luke Case, a loner who flits across Europe, seeking out new and interesting ways to earn a living (most of them involving crime and desperate dames).
Whilst the longer stories showcase the dark, treacly noir humour that Paul is known for – sometimes so thick you’re waiting for the brevity before things get fatal – it’s in the shorter pieces that the breadth is really on show. There’s macabre fiction, a bit of actual gory horror, and more than a touch of Tales of the Unexpected: all in brief stories that sizzle with an inventive idea and run their fiery course.’