The Last Laugh Is Now only ‪#‎99p‬!

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The Last Laugh

Over at, you can now pick up the eBook of my short story collection The Last Laugh for a mere  ‪#‎99p‬!

The sale lasts from 4- 9 August.

Here’s blurb:

‘From France, to Spain, to the north east of England, hit men, gangsters, corrupt cops, drunks, punks, and petty thieves all tumble toward the abyss. The stories in The Last Laugh are vivid and violent slices of Brit Grit and international noir, full of gaudy characters and dialogue sharp enough to cut your throat. The Last Laugh is a violent and blackly comic look at life through a shot glass darkly.’

Grab The Last Laugh for less than a quid HERE!