Recommended Read: Somebody’s Trying to Kill Me: 17 Noir Tales by Nick Kolakowski

somebody's trying to kill meIn Somebody’s Trying to Kill Me – the fantastic novella that this collection takes its title from- a down-on-his-luck writer is asked to help out an old friend and is quickly and violently dragged out of his depth. The collection is worth it for this story alone. Somebody’s Trying to Kill Me is full of great characters, sharp twists and sly humour, worthy of early Elmore Leonard.

But Kolakowski is no slouch when it comes to the shorter pieces, either. Somebody’s Trying to Kill Me: 17 Noir Tales is a rich brew of hardboiled crime stories and flash fiction.

Favorites – along with the title tale – are the high-octane opener A Nice Pair Of Guns,  A Bad Day In Boat Repo , Dee The Friendly Grizzly’s Little Miracle,  and Whoops, all of which mix humour and grit with ease.

Somebody’s Trying to Kill Me: 17 Noir Tales by Nick Kolakowski is a hell of a collection and highly recommended.