Short, Sharp Interview: Richard Wall

fat-man-bluesPDB: Can you pitch FAT MAN BLUES in 25 words or less?

RW: After a deal at the crossroads, an English blues-man travels to 1930s Mississippi Delta and soon discovers the harsh realities behind the music he loves.

PDB: Which music, books, films, songs or television shows do you wish you had written?

RW:       Book – Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry

Music/Song – Anything on Exile on Main St. by The Rolling Stones

Films – Blues Brothers

TV Show – Breaking Bad

PDB: Which of your books do you think would make good films or TV series?

RW: Fat Man Blues

PDB: Who are your favourite writers?

RW: Elmore Leonard, James Lee Burke

PDB: What’s your favourite joke?

RW:       1. Knock Knock

  1. Who’s There?
  2. The Interrupting Cow
  3. The Interrupting Co…
  4. Moo

 PDB: What’s your favourite song?

RW: Down the Dirt Road Blues by Charley Patton

PDB: What’s on the cards? 

RW: Well, I’ve written a screenplay adaption for Fat Man Blues, which is being considered by the agent of an A-list Hollywood actor, so there’s that… I’m also currently writing the sequel to Fat Man Blues, the working title is ‘Alabama Charlie.’

PDB: Anything else?

RW: I’ve had an idea for a collection of short stories based around a used-car lot in the boondocks of Texas.

Bio: I was born in England in 1962, and grew up in a small market town in rural Herefordshire before joining the Royal Navy. After 22 years in the submarine service and having travelled extensively, I now live in Worcestershire, where I work as a freelance Technical Author.

I’ve had a keen interest in writing since childhood, and I’ve had poems published in magazines and newspapers and have appeared several times at Ledbury Poetry Festival.

My first stab at prose writing produced the short story, “Evel Knievel and The Fat Elvis Diner”