Short, Sharp Interview: Ryan Bracha


PDB: Can you pitch Phoebe Jeebies and The Man Who Annoyed Everybody in 25 words or less?

Borderline sociopath struggles to differentiate between comedy and nastiness as he tries to impress a girl with how he came to irritate people for money.

 PDB: Which music, books, films, songs or television shows do you wish you had written?

The list gets smaller and smaller all the time for this. Music gets worse, films get worse, telly gets worse, the older and less with it I get. Books don’t, books get better. That said, anything by Tom Waits I wish I’d written, really digging Goin Out West and Hell Broke Luce just now. Films, I dunno, I wish I’d written maybe This Year’s Love. I like a great concept done well. TV shows has to be Black Mirror. Charlie Brooker has a remarkably similar outlook on life to me as far as I can tell. He just worked harder than me. Book will always be The Leftovers by Tom Perrotta. I’ll echo my earlier statement about a good concept. For me, this has the best.

PDB: Which of your books do you think would make good films or TV series?

My books? I think The Dead Man Trilogy has a lot of scope for a three series run, especially with the current political climate edging my fiction closer and closer to reality. I wrote The Switched as intentionally unfilmable (unless the French wanted to have a go), so I couldn’t see that working unless it was toned right down. I’m working on adapting Phoebe Jeebies and The Man Who Annoyed Everybody as a three part series as we speak, so you never know. I’ve got my wishlist of actors; Chanel Cresswell, Nicholas Hoult, Cumberbatch, Vic Reeves. I’d probably get Dean Gaffney and Natalie Cassidy.

PDB: Who are your favourite writers?

Traditionally published writers are Irvine Welsh, Hubert Selby Jr, Chuck Palahniuk. Guys who push boundaries and tell stories on their own terms. At the minute, however, Welsh is losing my respect a little, because he won’t just leave his old characters alone, and they’re becoming tiresome parodies of themselves. My favourite indie writers are the ever impressive Mark Wilson, Martin Stanley, and Craig Furchtenicht. I really like J. David Osborne’s style, too. He’s probably going to go on to great things.

PDB: What’s your favourite joke?

How many racists does it take to change a light bulb? One; he’s an electrician, he just has strange funny ideas on life.

PDB: What’s your favourite song?

At present, Goin’ Out West by Tom Waits. He’s got hair on his chest and he looks good without a shirt. I don’t need anything else from a song other than a hirsute man with an iron throat. Looking good topless, of course.

PDB: What’s on the cards?

Very busy year planned. Alongside the adaptation of Phoebe Jeebies and The Man Who Annoyed Everybody (and the inevitable failed attempts to get it made), I have the second book from my After Call Work series to release in early 2017, titled Gross Misconduct. Also, I wrote Phoebe Jeebies from the point of the view of the annoying man, so I’d like to write a similarly cynical romance novel from a female perspective, then I’ll rest for a bit whilst I plan the third After Call Work book. I have just less than three years to write a further six books for the fifteen novels I told Sandi Toksvig I’d write before I hit 40, and I haven’t let Tokkers down for anything yet.

 PDB: Anything else?

Have I told you lately, that I love you?

Bio: Ryan Bracha is the author of nine novels and a collection of stories. He has topped some of the most obscure charts that Amazon has to offer, including Humour – Lawyers and Criminals, Fiction Mashups and Humour – Satire. He has had more number ones than Afroman, East 17, Pato Banton, Feargal Sharkey and Limp Bizkit combined, and with a reputation for highly original and subversive fiction, he’s probably going to die as an unknown genius. Phoebe Jeebies and The Man Who Annoyed Everybody is his latest, genuinely his greatest, and probably most commercial novel yet. He lives in the literary capital of the north- Barnsley -with his wife and daughter.


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