Some Top Reviews!

cold london bluesOver at, Robert Cowan reviews Cold London Blues and says:

‘Brazill doesn’t disappoint with this latest crime caper written in his signature style, mixing noirish punk menace and Sid James humour. Featuring an array of wonderful characters, both old and new, high end dialogue and killer one liners, only Brazill could carry off a crime story about stolen comics with such panache. Ace’

Meanwhile, Mark Bickley says:

‘Gritty writing, as we have come to expect from Brazill. A juxtaposition of characters that are both comedy and tragedy, played out amidst florid descriptive prose capturing the tedium of London city streets.’

And Pat McDonald has reviewed Kill Me Quick! She says:

kill me quick cover

‘I read this book over New Year needing something to cheer me up! I’ve read a lot of his books now and knew it would be maximum entertainment. Yes gritty with a turn of phrase guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. I love the names of his characters: the likes of Ava Banana and Bryn Laden – excellent. Based in a dilapidated seaside town that has seen better days hilariously depicted as are most of his characters. Mark Hammonds once upon a time something in the music industry until his unfortunate accident to his guitar playing hand, is back in his home town. I love the music references along the way that I can imagine if made into a film would be played during it. They don’t get much funnier than this and even the seedier of his characters has time to stop off for a bit of philosophy or word derivation along the way. His women characters are tough cookies and always fond of wearing red lipstick (or is that the author’s fetish?) Nice one again, keep them coming Mr Brazill!