Ryan Bracha Reviews Kill Me Quick!

kill me quick cover
Kill Me Quick

Over at the Amazons and Goodreads, Ryan Bracha says:

‘Paul Danger Brazill is a writer’s writer. Universally respected throughout the literary scene. He writes with a nostalgia that I haven’t seen anywhere else, and up to now I haven’t read a thing of his that, however short it may be, wasn’t magnificent.

Kill Me Quick! is another fine addition to his arsenal.

Mark Hammonds is a former musician who’d achieved minor success with his band, but has hit hard (and mostly unsuccessfully criminal) times, returning to his home town, Seatown. Immediately on his return he is back in with his old friends, in his old haunts, doing his level best to remain as drunk as possible, living a quiet and easy life. Unfortunately for Mark, he just cant seem to stop stumbling into other people’s trouble.

Brazill’s USP is his ability to use his writing as a character in itself. It oozes sleazy personality and wit in every paragraph, every pun-filled comeback, and every criminal act. Where it works best is when he uses it against a backdrop of the lawless Seatown. It’s like Sin City starring Sid James instead of Mickey Rourke. Kenneth Williams instead of Bruce Willis. It’s Sid City. It sounds horrific? It’s not, it’s an absolute joy to behold.

Five very easy stars. Get it and read it.’