Pat McDonald Reviews The Gumshoe

the gumshoe and other brit grit yarns.Over at , Pat McDonald gives The Gumshoe, and Other Brit Grit Yarns 5 stars and says:

‘Another collection of short pieces with the Brazill flare for one liners, wonderfully named characters and a selection of violent and sometimes unusual terminations of life. Taking some from historical evidence i.e Vlad the Impaler just lends itself to modern day equipment like the Claw Hammer and very large nails! Sometimes it’s a straight choice between laughing out loud or a wincing groan. But there is one thing I am pleased about, not eating meat (especially pork products from specially fed pigs) and barbecued meat, means I won’t have to give it up after reading some of Mr Brazill’s disposal of corpses. And I thought I had it taped!
Wonderfully amusing as usual; where description and deadpan is worked to perfection. I especially like the ladies in his work, even though to meet one would be quite frightening I imagine, they are tough, beautiful and have many skills! Don’t we all? Pat McDonald British Crime Writer’