#Noirvember: A Case Of Noir

Have you ever walked out of the door and wanted to keep on walking? To get into your car and just drive, drive, drive? Or maybe wander down to the train station and get the next train to …well, anywhere? Anywhere but …here, of course. Because life is elsewhere. Real life is always somewhere else, isn’t it?
Luke Case – the hapless protagonist of A Case Of Noir – moves from city to city because he has to, though. He’s a man on the run, on the lam.
The five chapters of A Case Of Noir are as follows:
Red Esperanto (Warsaw)
Death On A Hot Afternoon (Madrid)
The Kelly Affair (Granada)
The Big Rain (Toulouse)
One Of Those Days In England (Cambridge)
And you can grab it here (US) or here (UK) and a few other joints too.