Recommended Read: Down To No Good by Earl Javorsky

down to no good.In Earl Javorsky‘s first Charlie Miner novel – Down Solo– the private eye discovered that he’d been killed but – for reasons unknown to him –  had come back to life. In Down To No Good, Charlie attempts to come to terms with this situation, as well as deal with the various other problems in his life.

Charlie also agrees to help Dave Putnam- his booze soaked Homicide Detective pal- investigate a flamboyant psychic who had helped the Los Angeles police in the past.

Down To No Good is a fast-moving and funny crime fiction thriller that is full of great characters and sharp satirical asides. The supernatural elements don’t detracting from this cracking yarn but give it a distinctive flavour all of it’s own.

If you enjoyed Down Solo then you’ll certainly love Down To No Good. Highly recommended.

Published by PaulDBrazill

A writer and teacher, from England and living in Poland. 'The Poundland Poe.' Books include The Last Laugh, Guns Of Brixton, and Gumshoe Blues. This/ That/ & The Other.

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