Recommended Reads: Nick Kolakowski, Jason Beech, Matt Phillips.

kolakowski-coverNick Kolakowski – Boise Longpig Hunting Club

There’s a bounty hunter and his missing guns. There’s Aryan assassins and there’s Zombie Bill. And there’s more! Nick Kolakowski’s Boise Longpig Hunting Club is a terrific read. A great blend of hard-boiled pulp fiction and high-octane action thriller. Pow!

Jason Beech- City Of Forts. city of forts

A group of kids find a body in the basement of an abandoned house and a criminal known as Tarantula Man is soon on their trail. Jason Beech’s City Of Forts masterfully blends urban noir with coming of age drama. Tense, atmospheric, and haunting.

Matt Phillips – Know Me From SmokeKnow Me From Smoke

A singer with a bullet lodged in her hip. An unsolved murder. A killer just out of prison. Matt Phillips’ Know Me From Smoke is a beautifully written, brutal & brilliant slice of hard-boiled crime fiction. A Knockout

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