Short, Sharp Interview: Beau Johnson

the big machine

PDB: What’s going on?

BJ:  Let’s see…oh yes, I have a new book coming out.  It’s called THE BIG MACHINE EATS.  A loose follow-up to my first collection, A BETTER KIND OF HATE, it includes direct sequels to a few of the stories found there, and of course, the ongoing narrative of Bishop Rider, but there are also new adventures as well.  Release date is November 26th.   If you see me, there might be cake.

PDB: Do you listen to music when you work?

BJ: Sometimes.  The (Tragically) Hip, mostly.  A Canadian band I believe everyone should seek out.

PDB: What makes you laugh?

BJ: How much space do I have?  No, I kid.  The Office as of late, a show my boys turned me on to.  I also seem to laugh at gentlemen who have non-existent lats but walk about the earth as if they do.  Weird.

PDB: What’s the best cure for a hangover?

BJ: I know the correct answer is NOT to drink.  This is something I fail at, of course, but I’ve found if I use ice in my beer I seem to function better the next day.  I get flack for it, sure, but I will take it over a massive hangover any day.

PDB: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

BJ:  My igloo is just fine, thank you!

PDB: Do you have a bucket list? If so, what’s on it?

BJ:  I’d say abducti…meeting the Master, Mr. King, and envision how we’d laugh when people began to believe that life was imitating art…

PDB: What’s on the cards?

bjBJ:  I have a few new stories in the pipe, a couple upcoming from Story and Grit.  Speaking of Mark Westmoreland and Story and Grit: they will also be hosting a giveaway for THE BIG MACHINE EATS.  One I will post about on Facebook.  The other over there on the Twitter.  Each winner will receive a signed copy I will mail to anywhere in the world on my own dime.  Sounds like a win-win to me!

PDB: Anything else?

BJ:  Nothing but a thank-you, Paul.  Was fun.  Appreciate you having me.  Cheers.

Beau is on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @beaujohnson44