A Film For Friday: The Night Bell

More About “The Night Bell” : After serving in World War II as a nurse, Alice leaves her husband and begins working at a morgue under the reserved Dr. Lauchlan. However, when she glimpses the female corpses coming to life, Alice learns that the doctor has darker plans for her.

“The Night Bell” Credits Directed by Alex Haney Screenplay by Jillian Dudley Produced by Dominica Ruelas & Jillian Dudley Assistant Director Paige Saucin Director of Photography Natalie A. Chao Lighting Director Kenzo Khang Le Production design by Katie Theel, Lainey Wood Sound Mixed and Edited by Ariana Coyle Edited by Connor Jacob Music by Alex Winkler Yvette Tucker as Alice Peter Michael McDonald as Dr. Lauchlan Celina Biurrun as Mica

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