Recommended Read : Canary by Duane Swierczynski

A teenage girl is arrested by the police and becomes an informant. Fast moving, smart, funny and touching, Canary is an action-packed joy. Here’s the blurb for Canary: ‘Every student needs a part-time job.Hers is hunting criminals. Sarie Holland is a good kid. An Honors student. She doesn’t even drink. So when a narcotics copContinue reading “Recommended Read : Canary by Duane Swierczynski”

Recommended Film: Bikini Blue

Bikini Blue is a touching historical drama that is set in post-war Britain and tells the story of Dora, ( Lianne Harvey) an English nurse whose Polish husband Eryk (Tomasz Kot) is in a mental hosptal suffering from PTSD, and hiding guilty secrets. Wrtten and directed by Jaroslaw Marszewski, Bikini Blue is beautifully shot andContinue reading “Recommended Film: Bikini Blue”

Recommended Film: Charlie Bubbles

“Are you still working sir or do you just do the writing now?”  Charlie Bubbles (1967) is the only film the late, great Albert Finney ever directed. Charlie is successful writer; an aging angry young man who – jaded and cynical, drunk and disorderly – living in London. He  decides to go home again to revisitContinue reading “Recommended Film: Charlie Bubbles”

Recommended Film: The Land

The Land (2021) is either an anthology of short, sharp films or a collection of bitter vignettes, or maybe even both! Four directors and writers have put together a veritable cornucopia of tales.   The stories are often very violent, sometimes grotesque and gory, occasionally touching and tender, and frequently laugh-out-loud funny.  And regularly allContinue reading “Recommended Film: The Land”

Recommended Film: Supernova

Not to be confused with the recent Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster, Bartosz Kruhlik‘s 2019 film is a brutal but gripping Polish drama which is short, sharp and completely engrossing. The acting throughout is first class but the standout performance is from Marcin Zarzeczny who is stunning as the drunkard whose wife leaves him in the hopeContinue reading “Recommended Film: Supernova”

Recommended Film : Hiacynt

Operation Hyacinth (Hiacynt) is a 2021 crime fiction film directed by Piotr Domalewski and written by Marcin Ciaston. Set in Poland in the late ’80s, Operation Hyacinth is a stripped-down, taut and gripping police procedural that tells the story of a murder investigation that digs up some dark, well – buried secrets. Power, curruption andContinue reading “Recommended Film : Hiacynt”

Recommended Film: I Called Him Morgan.

I Called Him Morgan is a beautiful and elegiac documentary on the life and death of the great jazz trumpet player Lee Morgan. Highly recommended. ‘Helen Morgan had nursed her common-law husband, jazz great Lee Morgan, through heroin addiction. On a February night in 1972, she walked into Slug’s Saloon in the East Village withContinue reading “Recommended Film: I Called Him Morgan.”

Recommended Read: Killer’s Countdown by Wendy H. Jones

Killer’s Countdown (A DI Shona McKenzie Mystery): 1 (The DI Shona McKenzie Mysteries) Now, this is the way to to kick-off a series! Killer’s Countown is a deftly plotted and engrossing police-procedural that is full of grit and warmth – despite the Dundee weather. Grippng and emotionly involving in equal measure, Wendy H. Jones‘ firstContinue reading “Recommended Read: Killer’s Countdown by Wendy H. Jones”

Recommended Film: Fisheye

Fisheye is gripping and emotional, full of sharp twists and turns, and with a phenomenal central perforamance from Julia Kijowska. “Fisheye” directed by Michal SzczesniakRunning time: 97 minutesProduction: Poland 2020 ‘A young biotechnologist, who has just made a groundbreaking discovery of a method to cure cancer, is kidnapped right outside her doorstep. In order toContinue reading “Recommended Film: Fisheye”