Anger Management at 10th Rule Radio

10th Rule Radio┬áis a branch of 10th Rule Books and ‘is an old school radio serial featuring bad ass pulp fiction that skips the boring parts. Each episode is a a chapter featuring some cool horror, sci-fi, crime fiction or some combination of the three. Expect both gratuitous violence and possibly inappropriate dark humor.’ I’mContinue reading “Anger Management at 10th Rule Radio”

Last Year’s Man makes 10th Rule Books’ best 5 books from 2018

They say: ‘In no particular order our favorite books from 2018: Know Me From Smoke – Matt Phillips – Fahrenheit 13 This one is old school noir done right. The dialog cuts and so do the knives. Convicted killer Royal Atkins finds himself back on the streets and in a relationship with Stella Radney, aContinue reading “Last Year’s Man makes 10th Rule Books’ best 5 books from 2018”