Recommended Read: Cold Blood by Alex Shaw

Aidan Snow, a retired SAS trooper who is now teaching English in Kiev, is hauled back into action to confront Bull, the man who almost killed him in Poland 10 years earlier. Alex Shaw’s Cold Blood is an immensely enjoyable and tightly written international spy thriller. The story moves from character to character and placeContinue reading “Recommended Read: Cold Blood by Alex Shaw”

Short, Sharp Interview: Matt Hilton

PDB: Can you pitch THE LAWLESS KIND in 25 words or less? MH: Hunter faces his most dangerous opponent yet when he goes up against a Mexican crime cartel to save a child from his own father. PDB: Which music, books, films or television shows have floated your boat recently? MH: “Hot Rod 57”, aContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Matt Hilton”

Action: Pulse Pounding Tales Volume One is out NOW !!!

37 Action-packed PulsePounding Tales! That’s exactly what you get in this collection of action stories from top thriller authors, both established and on the rise. Think back to the days when heroes were heroes and the action was furious and full-blooded. When often as not, the hero was quite the opposite: an anti-hero – butContinue reading “Action: Pulse Pounding Tales Volume One is out NOW !!!”