Exiles Guest Blog: Alienation by Richard Godwin

The road is a pretty malleable image. My story is about exile that is both imposed and the result of trying not to be a prisoner of alienation. Don is a criminal with a poetic vision. He belongs in a Jean Genet novel, a man with a massive rose beating in his troubled heart. TheContinue reading “Exiles Guest Blog: Alienation by Richard Godwin”

Short, Sharp Interview: Allan Miles

PDB: Can you pitch 18 DAYS  in 25 words or less? A dark journey into one man’s mind as he struggles to cope with a horrific tragedy in his personal life. Not for the faint-hearted. PDB: Which books, films or television shows have floated your boat recently? I enjoyed the latest Irvine Welsh book, Skagboys.Continue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Allan Miles”

Recommended Read: The Fall by Albert Camus

‘I have no friends, I only have accomplices now. On the other hand, my accomplices are more numerous than my friends: they are the human race.’ Jean-Baptiste Clamence, a former big shot Parisian lawyer, and self-proclaimed ‘judge-penitent’, sits in Mexico City, a smoky, pokey bar in the murky depths of Amsterdam’s red-light district. And heContinue reading “Recommended Read: The Fall by Albert Camus”

Recommended Read: Ritual In The Dark by Colin Wilson

“Not since Dickens has a British fiction-writer dealt with murder in a book of such size and seriousness” – SUNDAY EXPRESS Colin Wilson’s Ritual In The Dark is a cracking read and certainly a very British book. I first got ‘into‘ Colin Wilson– as I did with many writers, artists and filmmakers via music. InContinue reading “Recommended Read: Ritual In The Dark by Colin Wilson”