IN THE SOUP Urgent Restoration & 25th Anniversary Re-Release

Help restore the damaged archival print of Alex Rockwell’s 1992 indie Sundance winner IN THE SOUP before it’s lost forever. 1992 Sundance winner and cult classic In the Soup is in danger of disappearing forever.  In The Soup is an acclaimed independent feature comedy by director Alexandre Rockwell. In rich black and white, it’s the story of anContinue reading “IN THE SOUP Urgent Restoration & 25th Anniversary Re-Release”

A Film For Friday: Somebody To Love by Alexandre Rockwell

Alexandre Rockwell’s debut film, In The Soup, was a brilliant bittersweet comedy/crime drama that starred Steve Buscemi, Jennifer Beals and Seymour Cassell. Rockwell’s  1994 followup,  Somebody To Love is also some kind of wonderful .   The appeal of Somebody To Love will probably hinge on your taste for the star Rosie Perez. Perez can be a tad shrill and brash and, of course, IContinue reading “A Film For Friday: Somebody To Love by Alexandre Rockwell”