DEADLINES: A TRIBUTE TO WILLIAM E. WALLACE edited by Chris Rhatigan and Ron Earl Phillips

PRE-ORDER NOW! Available 09/28/2018. DEADLINES: A TRIBUTE TO WILLIAM E. WALLACE edited by Chris Rhatigan and Ron Earl Phillips — Published by Shotgun Honey, an imprint of Down & Out Books (September 2018) • Trade Paperback — $16.95 (includes FREE digital formats!) • eBook Formats — $6.99 The download link for the ebook (as aContinue reading “DEADLINES: A TRIBUTE TO WILLIAM E. WALLACE edited by Chris Rhatigan and Ron Earl Phillips”

Short, Sharp Interview: Paul Heatley

PDB: What’s going on?   Nothing much, I’m just coming off a chest infection so I’m taking my time with most things as I get breathless very easily. Other than that, it’s same old, same old. Plugging away, writing, reading – the usual.   PDB: Do you listen to music when you work?   Sometimes,Continue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Paul Heatley”

Last Year’s Man is ON SALE for $2.99/ £2.35!

A troubled, ageing hit man leaves London and returns to his hometown in the north east of England hoping for peace. But the ghosts of his past return to haunt him.  Last Year’s Man is a violent and blackly comic slice of Brit Grit noir. ‘filled with breezy banter’ – Publisher’s Weekly. ‘It’s all here, everything you’veContinue reading “Last Year’s Man is ON SALE for $2.99/ £2.35!”


THE LAST LAUGH: CRIME STORIES by Paul D. Brazill — Published by All Due Respect, an imprint of Down & Out Books (February 2018) • Trade Paperback — $13.95 (includes FREE digital formats!) • eBook Formats — $5.99 SUMMER 2018 PROMOTION: $2.99 Also available from the following retailers … • Amazon — Trade Paperback | eBook • Barnes & Noble — TradeContinue reading “THE LAST LAUGH SUMMER 2018 PROMOTION: $2.99”

Tom Leins Reviews Last Year’s Man

Over at his Dirty Books blog, Tom Leins, the grittiest of all Brit Grit writers, says: ‘The rumpled, world-weary triggerman – with a long memory, and an even longer list of health complaints – is a perfect conduit for Brazill’s quirky storytelling style, and the story itself (think Get Carter played for laughs) allows himContinue reading “Tom Leins Reviews Last Year’s Man”

Mark Hewitt Reviews Last Year’s Man

Over at, Mark Hewitt says: ‘5 out of 5 stars Paul D Brazill is this year’s man when it comes to noir The best from Paul so far in my humble opinion and the rest set a high standard. Highly recommended. Thank goodness the book is fiction as I would hate to live anywhere likeContinue reading “Mark Hewitt Reviews Last Year’s Man”

A Couple More Tasty Reviews For Last Year’s Man

Over at Goodreads top pulp writer  Todd Morr says: ‘Brazil keeps the pace moving providing Plenty of action, dark humor and sharp dialog in this stark tale of an aging hitman forced to go back to his hometown after he runs into trouble. Of course, his old stomping ground are not exactly trouble free. PerfectContinue reading “A Couple More Tasty Reviews For Last Year’s Man”

A Short Interview and A Few Tasty Reviews

Over at Unlawful Acts, Indie Crime Mastermind David Nemeth takes a look at Last Year’s Man and says: ‘“Last Year’s Man” is a one-sitting book, so grab a pint or two or maybe some whiskey, sit back and enjoy.’ Read the rest here. Over at, Kevin McNamara also reviews Last Year’s Man and says:Continue reading “A Short Interview and A Few Tasty Reviews”

Another Top Review for Last Year’s Man

Over at Goodreads, Dave Wilde says: ‘Last Year’s Man is British Noir the Queen herself would be proud of. The flavor, the atmosphere, the sense of it all feels like it came from that side of the Pond. It’s a fairly short novel like old pulps used to be. But, the writing is so tightlyContinue reading “Another Top Review for Last Year’s Man”

I’m Interviewed by Tony Black

Over at Pulp Pusher, I talk to the Tartan Noir kingpin about Last Year’s Man and gangster films. ‘We haven’t had a Q&A at Pulp Pusher for quite some time. So, I thought we should so something about that.  We’ve asked the one and only Paul D. Brazill along to tell us about his latestContinue reading “I’m Interviewed by Tony Black”

I’m Interviewed By Chris Rhatigan

Chris Rhatigan interviews me over at the All Due Respect blog: ‘Paul D. Brazill is one of the most entertaining and original voices in the independent crime fiction community. I recently spoke with him about Last Year’s Man, his latest book through All Due Respect about ageing hit man Tommy Bennett. — When I first learned aboutContinue reading “I’m Interviewed By Chris Rhatigan”

Jack D McLean Reviews Last Year’s Man

Crime thriller writer Jack D McClean (aka Jack Strange) reviews LAST YEAR’S MAN over at his blog and says: ‘I’m a big fan of Paul Brazill’s use of prose. His books have other virtues, of course, beyond his writing style, but the fact that he’s a prose stylist deserves special mention. On almost every pageContinue reading “Jack D McLean Reviews Last Year’s Man”