Recommended Read: What Happens In Reno by Mike Monson

Matt Hodges is a failed gambler, an alcoholic and a perennial  screw-up who has a chance to sort out some of his life’s problems when he sells his late mother’s house. And, in true noir fashion, that’s when things really spiral out of control, of course. Mike Monson’s What Happens In Reno is a spikedContinue reading “Recommended Read: What Happens In Reno by Mike Monson”

Recommended Read: Dead Heat With The Reaper by William E. Wallace

William E. Wallace’s Dead Heat With The Reaper consist of two marvelous hard-boiled crime novellas. The first, Legacy, is the story of Frank Trask, a retired steel worker who wakes up in hospital and is told that he has cancer. In the second story, The Creep, a nurse encounters a scarred war veteran who livesContinue reading “Recommended Read: Dead Heat With The Reaper by William E. Wallace”

Recommended Read: Love You To A Pulp by C S DeWildt

Glue sniffing private eye Neil Chambers is hired to track down a small town pharmacist’s errant daughter and things very quickly spiral violently out of control. In Love You To A Pulp, CS DeWildt  cleverly balances old school pulp fiction – pushed to the max – with a lyrical country noir/ coming-of-age story. Both storyContinue reading “Recommended Read: Love You To A Pulp by C S DeWildt”

Publishing News!

Okey dokey, it’s going to be a hot time on the old publishing front over the next year or so. Caffeine Nights Publishing will be putting out Cold London Blues, a follow up to Guns Of Brixton. As GOB was tied together by Clash songs, CLB uses Vic Godard and Subway Sect songs. All Due RespectContinue reading “Publishing News!”

Recommended Reads: Revenge Is A Redhead by Phil Beloin Jnr / Of Blondes And Bullets by Micheal Young

Here are two cracking slices of modern pulp fiction from two up-and-coming new pulp publishers. Phil Beloin Jnr’s Revenge Is A Redhead is a classic slice of low-life noir. The blackly comic tale of a loser whose life spirals out of control. Published by All Due Respect. Micheal Young’s Of Blonde’s And Bullets is theContinue reading “Recommended Reads: Revenge Is A Redhead by Phil Beloin Jnr / Of Blondes And Bullets by Micheal Young”

Recommended Reads

Galviston by Nic Pizzolatto Haunting and hard-hitting, Nic Pizzolatto’s Galveston is a fantastic spin on the man-on-the run sub-genre of harboiled crime fiction. Prose as tight as a snare drum. Dashes of lyricism that never overpower the storytelling. Great, realistic characters and situations. Marvellous stuff. Just Like That by Les Edgerton Just Like That hasContinue reading “Recommended Reads”

The Bucket List at All Due Respect

I’m more than somewhat chuffed that my story The Bucket List will be included in the upcoming debut issue of  All Due Respect magazine. The full line up is: Chris F. Holm Paul D. Brazill Walter Conley Travis Richardson Renee Pickup Todd Robinson Mike Miner With a great pulp cover from Eric Beetner. All DueContinue reading “The Bucket List at All Due Respect”