Guns Of Brixton: Update

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As you may well  know, last year my comic crime novella GUNS OF BRIXTON was published as an eBook by the great BYKER BOOKS – as part of their Best Of British series- and did pretty well, in the UK at least.

And I am more than somewhat chuffed to announce that I have recently signed a contract with the also great CAFFEINE NIGHTS PUBLISHING who will be re-publishing a slightly longer version of  GUNS OF BRIXTON as a paperback and eBook, and possibly audio-book.

CAFFEINE NIGHTS  were recently shortlisted in the BOOKSELLER INDUSTRY AWARDS and publish some of the best of Brit Grit, including mates such as NICK QUANTRILL, IAN AYRIS, KEITH NIXON, RUTH JACOBS & CHARLIE WADE, as well as best sellers such as GARRY BUSHELL and SHAUN HUTSON.  So, I feel like I fit well in there.

Check out their books here.

The all new, rebooted GUNS OF BRIXTON will be available online and at the classier, cooler bookshops round about November/ December time.

So you know what to buy for Xmas prezzies!

Short, Sharp Interview: ANDY RIVERS


According to him, Andy Rivers, is the ‘author of ‘I’m Rivelino’, ‘Maxwell’s Silver Hammer’ and ooh much more!’

Both those books are published by the great BYKER BOOKS

Good words about ‘Maxwell’s …’

‘A thumping debut from a barnstorming new talent. Danny King
‘Great writing, great characters. No punches pulled in this novel!’ Sheila Quigley

We met recently  at London’s swanky Groucho Club and had little chinwag. Like.

PDB: What’s the reaction been to ‘Maxwell’s ‘ so far?


It’s had some great reviews (The Crack, For Books Sake, Northern Echo etc.) but, better than that, a lot of people have contacted me individually to tell me how much they’ve liked it. I’m very pleased with the feedback I’ve got to be honest – be nice if I could sell a few million more like…

PDB: Do you think ‘Maxwells’ is accessible to people outside the North of England?

In a word: yes! Obviously I’m biased but I’ve received loads of feedback from people all round the country saying how much they liked it and I was very careful whilst writing it not to go too far with the Geordie dialect. At heart it’s basically a ‘normal man takes on big bully’ story but I hope I also managed to give people a sense of the North East as well. What do you think?

PDB: How much research went into writing ‘Maxwell’s …’

About 40 years… ;->

Lots of incidents and scenes in the book actually happened – I’ll let you work out which…

PDB: Which Northern writers float your boat?

Ehhmmm…Ray Banks definitely, Wor Sheila Quigley, Me…, Iain Rankin, Christopher Brookmyre, Irvine Welsh, Alan Sillitoe, Me again and a bloke called Kevin Sampson who never gets mentioned anywhere and he’s fuckin’ ace!

PDB: I know you’re into the theatre. Have you ever written a play?

Yup – a short one entitled ‘I No Longer Hear The Music’ about a group of thirty – something ex-ravers who have to face up to growing up. I’ve got another one planned entitled ‘Skill’ about two best mates growing up in the eighties…might be a while yet like!

PDB: You’re a big music fan. Ever been involved in the music scene?

Unfortunately not – I could just see myself surrounded by groupies though ;->

Ooh – my sisters went to school with Chezza Cole though….

PDB: Why should people buy ‘Maxwells…’ when they can watch Deal Or No Deal for nowt?

Because for the measly price of £7.99 (or cheaper depending on where you shop!) you can support a credible, edgy and cool publisher that tries to promote unknown authors rather than propping up the ego of the man who brought us Mr. Blobby and shit beards….

PDB: Is there a sequel to ‘Maxwell’s …’ on the cards?

Not a sequel as such – I’m currently editing my second crime novel ‘Special’ which is about a serial vigilante on the loose on Tyneside. It’s set in the same area and has a couple of minor crossover characters but couldn’t really be classed as a sequel – I do have a proper one in mind

Thanks Andy!

Andy’s website is HERE


 After Billy Reeves had survived a poverty ridden and violent childhood on a council estate in Newcastle he thought he had it all; a loving family, money and respect but a face from the past with a point to prove and muscles to flex is out to bring  his world crashing down on him.’ Maxwell’s Silver Hammer by ANDY RIVERS
PDB:Is ‘Maxwell’s Silver Hammer’ part of a series of books named after crap Beatles songs?
Ha ha – no mate, it just fitted the stuff I had in my head at the time. Mind you given this week’s budget maybe I should have called it ‘Taxman’
PDB: Your Facebook page lists two of your interests as heavy drinking and theatre. Have you ever combined both activities?
Not as a rule – mainly because I want to know what’s going on in the play I’ve paid for. Went to see a corker last night incidentally ‘Apples’ adapted from the book by Richard Milward and acted by a cast of younguns. Top bit of theatre – a sort of Trainspotting meets Skins!
PDB: How much of Maxwell’s Silver Hammer is autobiographical?
It’s not autobiographical as such (in that I’ve never killed anyone…yet!) but a lot of incidents and scenes in the book did happen to either me or people I know – one example being the re-arranging of letters on the cinema board every weekend… heh heh
PDB: Which soap operas do you watch?
Other than the one involving the England ‘team’ (i use that word very loosely) over the last few weeks none. I did once go drinking at Limerick dog track with Bradley out of Eastenders though!
PDB: How did you get mixed up with Byker Books?
Pure bad luck! 🙂
Nah – I used to read (and try to get published in) ‘Bullet’ which went under and whilst casting about for something similar (I swear a lot and most publishers – particularly the established short story ones – aren’t keen!) I discovered Byker Books so sent them some stuff for the ‘Radgepacket’ series, mentioned I was also from Byker originally (nepotism isn’t a dirty word kids honest!) and that I’d written a couple of books. they asked to take a look and bingo, here we are two books later and me a multi-millionaire…..or not.
PDB: Jimmy Nail, MC Hammer or The Turning Of The Screw?
Ain’t no doubt it would have to be Jimmy Nail – I am a ‘Big River(s)’ after all man….
Bio: Andy Rivers has been a Butlins barman, pretend chippie on a Spanish construction site, coach holiday rep, mobile sandwich salesman and outdoor traffic cone washer to name but a few of his eclectic ‘career’ choices.
Originally from the East End of Newcastle he now lives in Oxfordshire where, as well as following Newcastle United around the country, he passes the time by indulging in his passion for ‘Professional Geordie-ism’ and lager.
‘Maxwell’s…’ is his first novel but he is also the author of ‘I’m Rivelino’ , also published by Byker Books, a hilarious account of the thirty odd years of hurt he has suffered at the hands of the Magpies.

With the royalties from this book he plans on buying a Ferrari and having a proper mid-life crisis


A much better interview with Andy is HERE at Radgepacket Online