Short, Sharp Interview: Anne Pigalle

(photo by Kevin Cummins)

PDB: Can you pitch L’AME EROTIQUE in 25 words or less?

AP: 21 vignettes about eroticism, not pornography; people laughed when I first started, they are all doing it now, badly.

PDB: What music, books, films or television shows have floated your boat recently?

AP: There seems to be a lack of anything interesting at all in the mainstream, that it is in music, films or art; I am sure there is some great underground stuff, but without the exposure, it is always hard to know what and where.

I have an enormously eclectic taste, I am very curious, I listen, watch, read old stuff and everything, everything interests me, not just the Arts, everything  is a lesson if you know how to look and listen – a bus ride or cooking dinner… But please, gimme something new… Mind you, this way I can concentrate on my own stuff, but it would be so good to be inspired, rather than only inspire…The stuff out there is not new. Derivative or stolen/copied, waste of time – Wake up kids !

PDB: Is it possible for a musician to be an objective listener?

AP: Objective, yes, in a way, if you really believe in what you do and work extremely hard at it and dedicate your life to it – with no lies – ( I mean no bullshit about fame and money ) then there is a strong chance you might have an objective view on things; people have different tastes, but they tend to agree when something is a masterpiece.

PDB: Do you have any interest in writing music for films, theatre or television?

AP: I have written a music film. Hollywood was even interested in it, but I will only be interested in Hollywood when the times and conditions are right – Of course some of it has been ripped off, like the rest of my work, but honestly, they just trash it all the way… It’s laughable how they miss the point of my work…

PDB: How useful or important are social media for you?

AP: Social media, well, it was nice to experiment a few years back; some of it has been good and some really bad…There is an interesting film called ” Living In Public ” which shows the damage that living in public can produce…So I don’t keep my close friends on FB for example, as I want to keep them in real life…The power seems to be in the hands of who owns these media networks…And F**K that, it just seems to perpetuate the bullshit music out there ( a little bit of good stuff I guess ), so I take it with a pinch of salt…

PDB: What’s on the cards for the rest of 2012?

AP:  Working on my new album, now that is exciting, because it is the accumulation of all my work and a middle finger to today’s excruciating cut and paste show business…  Never mind the cunts, here comes Anne Pigalle!


The Last Chanteuse needs no introduction…

Like Edith Piaf , The Last Chanteuse grew up at the back of Montmartre in Paris, France. Her teenage years were spent playing guitar in a punk band and watching films.

Anne Pigalle moved to London, recorded with Michael Nyman and Adrian Sherwood and then went on to sign a recording contract with Trevor Horn’s record label ZTT, where she will record an album and a few singles. Hailed as the queen of Chic Bohemia, she will tour Europe and Japan.

Anne Pigalle then moves to LA where to work on her film idea, and meets the late Donald Cammell; she consecutively returns to London where she produces some experimental music pieces as well as some classic songs, erotic poetry, paintings and some beautiful self portraits polaroids, exhibited at the Michael Hoppen Gallery (the show Amerotica voted 4th best in The Times ); her role as a multi media artist becomes apparent and influential.

2011 sees the release of the trilogy : L’Amerotica I and II as well as L’Ame Erotique, a compilation of poetic and surrealists vignettes declaiming the values of personal love and erotic experiences in a world of generic and stolen ideas.