Short, Sharp Interview: Alex Shaw

PDB: What’s going on? I’m sitting in Doha, and crossing my fingers in preparation for the release of the HQ Digital/HarperCollins editions of my Aidan Snow thrillers – Cold Blood, Cold East and Cold Black. They’re out in ebook on the 14th of September and then the paperback release dates are staged by a monthContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Alex Shaw”

Grab Exiles: An Outsider Anthology for only 99p/ 99c!

To celebrate the latest ALIBI  noir festival in Slovenia, EXILES: AN OUTSIDER ANTHOLOGY is currently only 99c / 99p! A powerful Noir short story collection edited by the Bukowski of Noir, Paul D. Brazill. Exiles features 26 outsiders-themed stories by some of the greatest crime and noir writers, K. A. Laity, Chris Rhatigan, Steven Porter,Continue reading “Grab Exiles: An Outsider Anthology for only 99p/ 99c!”

OUT NOW! The Thirteen Lives of Frank Peppercorn

Thirteen ways to remember the dead. Thirteen histories of a loving husband. Betty Peppercorn is burning her husband Frank today. Well, she’s burning her property. The corpse she was left with as a reward for loving somebody for better or worse. Frank exists only in her thoughts, anymore. To her knowledge, Frank had no friends.Continue reading “OUT NOW! The Thirteen Lives of Frank Peppercorn”

Check It Out! The Odds are Against Us: A Military-Fiction Anthology.

Have you ever wished that people could publish the books that you wanted to read? Now, you can make that wish a reality! The Odds Are Against Us will be an anthology of military-fiction short stories, broadly defined, that celebrate the courage of those who push on despite the likelihood of failure. (Read the detailsContinue reading “Check It Out! The Odds are Against Us: A Military-Fiction Anthology.”

Short, Sharp Interview: Tom Leins

PDB: Can you pitch This Book Ain’t Nuttin to Fuck with: A Wu-Tang Tribute Anthology in 25 words or less? Tremendous hip-hop inspired collection edited by Christoph Paul and Grant Wamack. My story, INCARCERATED SCARFACES, is a Paignton Noir remix of Van Damme’s Death Warrant!  PDB: Which music, books, films, songs or television shows doContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Tom Leins”

Dark Minds Audiobook out now!

Dark Minds: A Collection of Compelling Short Stories for Charity Written by: Louise Jensen , LJ Ross , Lisa Hall ,Steven Dunne , Betsy Reavley , MA Comley , Alex Walters , Anita Waller Narrated by: Heather Tracy , Walles Hamonde Length: 12 hrs and 16 mins  Unabridged Audiobook Release Date:19/01/2017 Publisher: Bloodhound Books  AContinue reading “Dark Minds Audiobook out now!”

Dark Minds Is OUT NOW!

DARK MINDS is: ‘A collection of short stories from some of your favourite authors You think you know darkness? Think again. Bloodhound Books presents Dark Minds – a collection of stories by authors who have come together to produce an anthology that will lure, tantalise and shock its readers. What took place By the Water?Continue reading “Dark Minds Is OUT NOW!”

New Dawn Fades in Crooked Holster 3

Crooked Holster: An Anthology of Crime and Thriller Writing: Volume 3 ‘Dip into a deadly bath, lurk in a dark Glasgow alley, solve a puzzle in a dark railway station bar. In this third volume of Crooked Holster, the stories and poems travel from Australia to America, from Switzerland to Scotland with many treacherous detoursContinue reading “New Dawn Fades in Crooked Holster 3”

Dark Minds Book Trailer

  The charity anthology is edited by Betsy Reavley and the full cast list is as follows: Dark Minds Charity Anthology by Bloodhound Books 1. Ten Green Bottles — B A Morton 2. London’s Crawling — Emma Pullar 3. The Shoes Maketh The Man — Louise Jensen 4. Never tell a Lie — Tara LyonsContinue reading “Dark Minds Book Trailer”

Coming Soon! Dark Minds.

I’m pretty damned pleased that my yarn ‘Life after Life‘ will be included in Bloodhound Books‘ forthcoming  Dark Minds anthology. The charity anthology is edited by Betsy Reavley and the full cast list is as follows: Dark Minds Charity Anthology by Bloodhound Books 1. Ten Green Bottles — B A Morton 2. London’s Crawling —Continue reading “Coming Soon! Dark Minds.”


Out now,  AJOKORTTI HELVETTIIN is a Finnish language crime fiction/ flash fiction anthology  edited by Juri Nummelin, of the acclaimed Pulpetti blog. Juri says: ‘Ajokortti helvettiin (“License to Hell”, according to the short story the title was taken from), is a collection of flash fiction stories I published in my short-lived Ässä magazine (plus three newContinue reading “AJOKORTTI HELVETTIIN”

Out NOW! Close To The Boneyard

Includes my yarn Killing Mr Cornflakes and MORE! ‘Close To The Boneyard: A Near To The Knuckle Anthology.  From the archives of the online fiction site, Near To The Knuckle. We have picked thirty tales that featured on the site. We have writers from across the globe. You won’t be disappointed with award winning authorsContinue reading “Out NOW! Close To The Boneyard”

Recommended Read: Mardi Gras Murder – ed. Sarah E. Glenn

Mardi Gras Murder is a rich, vivid, vibrant anthology of thirteen crime stories, all of which take place during New Orleans’ – frankly, bonkers sounding – Mardi Gras festival. There are some great titles –  Krew Of Bayou Black, Voodoo Honeymoon, Bourbon Street Lucifer, Red Beans and Ricin – and some cracking yarns too. StandContinue reading “Recommended Read: Mardi Gras Murder – ed. Sarah E. Glenn”

Pulpcore is Out Now and it’s FREE!

The PULPCORE anthology is out now. It includes yarns from me, Anonymous-9, Graham Wynd, Ed Kurtz, Joe Clifford and more! It’s in GERMAN and it’s FREE! ’18x Horror und Crime der härteren Gangart aus dem englischsprachigen Untergund – zum ersten Mal auf Deutsch erhältlich. Blutig, bedrohlich, oft poetisch und immer unterhaltsam.’ Get it here!