Recommended Read: Witnesses by Anthony Watson

Anthony Watson’s Witnesses is superb. His debut horror novel moves from four time periods and four points of view with ease as it tells the story of the end of days, focusing on the individualsĀ  that have been chosen as the apocalypse’s witnesses. Each strand of the story has a distinctive, strong voice but theyContinue reading “Recommended Read: Witnesses by Anthony Watson”

Route 66 And All That is Reviewed at Dark Musings

The ROGUE anthology is reviewed by Anthony Watson at DARK MUSINGS. Here’s what he has to say about my yarn: ‘There’s politics too – though in a subtle, tangential way and even some humour – though of the darkest variety. The latter is most evident in Paul D Brazill’s Route 66 and All That whichContinue reading “Route 66 And All That is Reviewed at Dark Musings”