Recommended Read: Frank Sidebottom-Out Of His Head by Mick Middles

The mind of Chris Sievey was clearly a treasure trove – indeed, a veritable Aladdin’s Cave – of bright and shiny ideas, many of which, thankfully, came to fruition. Most notably in the effervescent forms of The Freshies and Frank Sidebottom. The Freshies were a brilliantly eccentric power pop/ new wave band who cheekily surfedContinue reading “Recommended Read: Frank Sidebottom-Out Of His Head by Mick Middles”

Grace Of My Heart by Allison Anders.

  One of the things I did during my brief jaunt to The Big Apple in 2001 was to walk from Times Square- where I was staying – and down Broadway to place my hand on the Brill Building. And I did. It was a hot summers day and I burnt my hand. It’s aContinue reading “Grace Of My Heart by Allison Anders.”

Short, Sharp Interview: Andrez Bergen

PDB: What’s going on now? What’s not going on now is p’raps a better question, particularly overseas! In my own walled-up ballpark here in Tokyo my daughter is about to compete in her first ballet competition at age nine, while I’m set to release the 12-issue trade paperback of my noir comic book ‘Bullet Gal’Continue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Andrez Bergen”

Short, Sharp Interview: Tracey Edges

PDB: What’s going on now? This very minute I am ‘coming down’ from the Sunday morning madness that is Sunday Girl! Today was the Christmas Show so lots of indies, a couple of oldies, some non-Christmas tracks. Usual Sunday Girl eclectic mix but with a festive twist. The show airs 9-11am every Sunday morning butContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Tracey Edges”

Guest Blog: DEPTH CHARGING THE BLACK & WHITE by Andrez Bergen

Over the past three months I’ve rammed through Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting’s entire run on Captain America, their superb reconstruction of the birth of Marvel heroes in the ’40s (The Marvels Project) and the duo’s recent work on espionage thriller Velvet. I also rifled through issues one to twenty of Brubaker’s horror-noir Fatale withContinue reading “Guest Blog: DEPTH CHARGING THE BLACK & WHITE by Andrez Bergen”

Short, Sharp Interview: Richard Sanderson.

PDB: Can you pitch the latest LINEAR OBSESSIONAL RECORDINGS release in 25 words or less? “Tulse Hill” by Hannah Marshall is an introspective solo cello album, built around hypnotic repetition and strange extraneous noises. PDB: What music, books, films or television shows have floated your boat recently? I loved David Peace’s “Occupied City” – probablyContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Richard Sanderson.”

Short, Sharp Interview: Anne Pigalle

(photo by Kevin Cummins) PDB: Can you pitch L’AME EROTIQUE in 25 words or less? AP: 21 vignettes about eroticism, not pornography; people laughed when I first started, they are all doing it now, badly. PDB: What music, books, films or television shows have floated your boat recently? AP: There seems to be a lackContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Anne Pigalle”

Short, Sharp Interview: K A Laity

PDB: Can you pitch CHASTITY FLAME in 25 words or less? KAL:  Sexy super secret agent has mad flings and chases wild things as a Norwegian mastermind and a Belgian hacker try to crash the European market. PDB: Which books, films or television shows have floated your boat recently? KAL: I’m reading so many books!Continue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: K A Laity”


Noir Nation is an eBook journal of high quality crime fiction, essays, and author interviews, illustrated with living art: tattoos. Issue No. 2 is rich with stories that tell of being stopped at a tense Israeli checkpoint, a man reflecting on the death of his sadistic mother while getting a tattoo, hunting jaguars in theContinue reading “NOIR NATION 2 IS OUT NOW !!!”

Robert Mitchum – The Soul Of Film Noir.

‘Some walk like they own the place /Whilst others creep in fear/ Try if you can to walk like a man /You’ve got to walk like a panther tonight’ Or so said, Jarvis Cocker,and, indeed, he really could have been talking about the great uncaged beast that was Robert Charles Durman Mitchum. Big Bob, certainlyContinue reading “Robert Mitchum – The Soul Of Film Noir.”

Short, Sharp Interview : Sean Hartter

PDB: Can you pitch your latest project in 25 words or less? SH: Collaborations are germinating , poster work, awesome odd jobs, daily new blog content and the dogged pursuit of new opportunities. PDB: Which books, films or television shows have floated your boat recently? Recently? I’d say straight off, without batting an eye, NicolasContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview : Sean Hartter”