James A. Newman Reviews A Case Of Noir

‘Paul D. Brazill’s world here is one of peroxide Berliner blondes wearing PVC raincoats with blood red lipstick smeared across their lips.  Barbarous gangsters and shyster scam artists, drunken literary agents and pop producers shelter in cities ruined by war and Vodka, drenched by decadence, spent of hope, driven by desire.’ Read the rest of the topContinue reading “James A. Newman Reviews A Case Of Noir”

CLIP: A Case Of Noir by Paul D. Brazill

‘ The bookshop was jam-packed and stuffy. The wine and conversation were overflowing in equal measure. Keith Jarrett’s ‘Standards’ played numbly in the background as a veritable cornucopia of crime fiction writers of various levels of success held court in different parts of the room, shuffling nervously behind tables cluttered with copies of their latestContinue reading “CLIP: A Case Of Noir by Paul D. Brazill”

Recommended Read: Noir City by Richard Godwin

In Noir City, Richard Godwin unflinchingly and masterfully digs beneath the surface of London, Paris, Rome, Madrid and Dusseldorf, and the cities’ recalcitrant denizens, as he follows the trail of sociopath gigolo Paris Tongue deeper and deeper into the darkness. Beautiful prose and a claustrophobic sense of dread make Richard Godwin’s Noir City  a lyrical hybridContinue reading “Recommended Read: Noir City by Richard Godwin”

A Case Of Noir by Paul D. Brazill is Out Now!

In snow smothered Warsaw, Luke Case, a boozy English hack with a dark secret, starts a dangerous affair with a gangster’s wife. Case escapes to the sweltering Spanish heat where he meets a colourful cast of characters, including a mysterious torch singer and a former East End villain with a criminal business proposition. While inContinue reading “A Case Of Noir by Paul D. Brazill is Out Now!”

Out now! ! ! The Big Rain by Paul D. Brazill.

Red Esperanto: Warsaw. In snow smothered Warsaw, boozy English hack Luke Case  encounters Jolanta, a beautiful young woman with a gangster husband. Death On A Hot Afternoon: Madrid. After the brutal events in Red Esperanto, Luke Case escapes Warsaw and heads off  to the heat of Madrid where he  meets a mysterious torch singer and an agingContinue reading “Out now! ! ! The Big Rain by Paul D. Brazill.”

Red Esperanto in The Mammoth Book Of Best British Crime

I’m more than somewhat chuffed to announce that my Warsaw set noir story Red Esperanto (which was translated into Italian as Rosso Esperanto) has been chosen for inclusion next year’s Mammoth Book Of Best British Crime, number 11 in the series. This will be my third appearance in one of the Mammoth’s – Guns OfContinue reading “Red Esperanto in The Mammoth Book Of Best British Crime”

Short, Sharp Interview: Richard Godwin

PDB: Could you tell us something about One Lost Summer? One Lost Summer is very much a summer novel; it is also in many ways a Noir novel.  Rex Allen loves star quality in women. He moves into a new house in a heat wave with few possessions apart from two photographs of his deadContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Richard Godwin”

News, Updates etc

So, what’s going on? Well, both of the  noir novelettes that I wrote for the Italian publisher Atlantis are now available from Amazon. In English and Italian. You can get Red Esperanto and Death On A Hot Afternoon here. I’ve recently finished a third story in the series. This is set in the Spanish cityContinue reading “News, Updates etc”