Get Ben Solomon’s The Hard-Boiled Detective FREE!

Get Your Hard-Boiled Fix for Free ! How’s about getting a whole year’s worth of detective fiction for free? For a limited time, Ben Solomon‘s promoting “The Hard-Boiled Detective” series by offering free subscriptions. Fans of Paul D. Brazill and “You Would Say That, Wouldn’t You?” can receive three stories of old-school, detective fiction everyContinue reading “Get Ben Solomon’s The Hard-Boiled Detective FREE!”

Guest Blog: The Hard-Boiled Detective Interview by Ben Solomon

Have you ever planned a murder? I ply the art three times a month for my series, “The Hard-Boiled Detective.” I have to admit that this is an odd slant on the publishing racket: retro, private eye fiction on a subscription basis. After seven months and 21 adventures, word is finally, slowly, starting to break.Continue reading “Guest Blog: The Hard-Boiled Detective Interview by Ben Solomon”