The Liberator is BACK!

 THE LIBERATOR is on sale again. The skinny: A priest tracks down his kidnapped sister and finds her trapped in a nest of evil. Van Helsing meets The Punisher in The Liberator, a hard-boiled noir/ horror short story from Paul D. Brazill creator of Roman Dalton – Werewolf PI. ‘5.0 out of 5 stars Highly ChargedContinue reading “The Liberator is BACK!”

Dominic Milne reviews The Gumshoe

Over at, ace crime writer Dominic Milne reviews The Gumshoe, and Other Brit Grit Yarns. Here’s what he says: ‘The Gumshoe And Other Brit Yarns are like a line of literary tequila slammers giving you a moment of a thrill, lined with a touch of salt (each one prompts a mouth-tingling buzz then makesContinue reading “Dominic Milne reviews The Gumshoe”

A Couple Of Top Reviews: The Neon Moon/ Guns Of Brixton

Graham Wynd takes a look at THE NEON MOON: A ROMAN DALTON ANTHOLOGY. ‘Another fistful of fun from Blackwitch Press. A bunch of terrific writers run away with Paul D. Brazill‘s werewolf detective Roman Dalton and the dark madness of The City.‘ Read the rest here. Nigel Bird takes a gander at GUNS OF BRIXTON.Continue reading “A Couple Of Top Reviews: The Neon Moon/ Guns Of Brixton”

Exiles: An Outsider Anthology reviewed at Crimepieces

Over at Crimepieces, Sarah Ward says: ‘Collecting the stories around an overarching theme was an excellent idea for this book. It gave the collection a homogenous feel but allowed the writers to express their individual styles within the narratives. The stories are fairly short but many are powerful. And it’s allowed me to discover newContinue reading “Exiles: An Outsider Anthology reviewed at Crimepieces”

Out Now !

Some stuff to spend your Xmas dosh on. My comic crime caper Guns Of Brixton (published by Caffeine Nights Publishing) is out NOW as a paperback and as an eBook.  You can get it from from loads of places including Barnes & Noble, Caffeine Nights Publishing, WHSMITH, Waterstones, Foyles,  Amazon and Amazon UK.  The Blurb: A foul-mouthed, violently comic crime caper, fullContinue reading “Out Now !”

Crime Fiction – Here and There and Again

Back In 2012 I had the real pleasure of being at special guest at Crime Fiction – Here and There, Now and Then, an academic conference at the University Of Gdansk which was organised by Agnieszka Sienkiewicz-Charlish, M.A. and Urszula Elias, M.A. The Academic Advisor was Prof. David Malcolm, who has a story in Exiles: An Outsider Anthology. Being an academic conference, a lot of it wasContinue reading “Crime Fiction – Here and There and Again”

Exiles Guest Blog:How I Wrote ‘Eating the Dream’ by K. A. Laity

I’m trying to remember where this story came from. I know the title came first, but not really because before that came William Blake and the Red Dragon, but before that came Springsteen and songs of escape, but even before that came cars. I grew up in a factory town where automobiles were the trade.Continue reading “Exiles Guest Blog:How I Wrote ‘Eating the Dream’ by K. A. Laity”

Exiles: An Outsider Anthology Is Included In The Crime StoryBundle

  Exiles: An Outsider Anthology is included in the crime StoryBundle.  The latest StoryBundle is curated by Paul O’Brien. The blurb: The International Crime Bundle features 9 crime titles for a price you set. We’ve got novels from some of the best crime writers today, having picked up such awards as the Goldsboro ‘Last Laugh’Continue reading “Exiles: An Outsider Anthology Is Included In The Crime StoryBundle”

Exiles Guest Blog: How I got to The Place of the Dead by Nick Sweeney

The Djma el Fnaa is Marakech’s central square. By a linguistic quirk, its name can be translated as either ‘the Mosque of Nowhere / Nothing’ or ‘the Place / Assembly of the Dead’. It was too good a title not to use for a story, and several people have indeed beaten me to it inContinue reading “Exiles Guest Blog: How I got to The Place of the Dead by Nick Sweeney”

Exiles Guest Blog: Alienation by Richard Godwin

The road is a pretty malleable image. My story is about exile that is both imposed and the result of trying not to be a prisoner of alienation. Don is a criminal with a poetic vision. He belongs in a Jean Genet novel, a man with a massive rose beating in his troubled heart. TheContinue reading “Exiles Guest Blog: Alienation by Richard Godwin”

Roman Dalton – Werewolf PI and The Indie Contribution

I was more than somewhat chuffed to find out – via Valerie Laws – that Roman Dalton- Werewolf PI was hat-tipped in Crime Fiction and the Indie Contribution by Chris Longmuir.  Here’s the blurb on the book: Serial killers, private eyes, cops, and bodies inhabit this guide to crime fiction in the electronic age, where readingContinue reading “Roman Dalton – Werewolf PI and The Indie Contribution”

Exiles Guest Post: Midnight Train to Delhi by Chris Rhatigan

My story in the EXILES  anthology is “Midnight Train to Delhi.” Unlike most of my stories, this one is based on a specific experience. My wife, Melanie, and I have lived in India for the last two years. (This is the first story I’ve written that’s set here.) We traveled around the country in theContinue reading “Exiles Guest Post: Midnight Train to Delhi by Chris Rhatigan”

Exiles Guest Blog: Pacific Coast Highway by James A. Newman

The story behind Pacific Coast Highway is quite simple. My friend literary critic and blogger Kevin Cummings would often tell me these stories that related back to his youth back in the States, we were both transplanted to Bangkok – Him from California, me from just outside London. We’d both been living in the FarContinue reading “Exiles Guest Blog: Pacific Coast Highway by James A. Newman”