London Noir

‘London, that great cesspool into which all the loungers and idlers of the Empire are irresistibly drained.’A Study In Scarlet by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. So, it’s no great surprise that Britain’s capital city has lent itself to its own particular brand of noir, from the likes of con man Harry Fabian and his fellowContinue reading “London Noir”

Guest Blog: The Ringer by Tony Black

Traditional publishing runs on rails, most of the time. One of the strongest assumptions I faced when trying to become published, and stay published, was that a protagonist must be sympathetic. By that, it’s meant, that the reader must identify with and basically like the protagonist. It’s one of the publishing gatekeepers’ toughest padlocks, tryContinue reading “Guest Blog: The Ringer by Tony Black”


By now people will know that, after years of trying, I’ve finally bagged a deal for my debut novel, MY KIND OF JUSTICE. It’s been a bumpy old journey, one where I often thought I’d missed the bus. Obviously, it’s clear I certainly haven’t ‘arrived’ yet. I’ve just got on the bus, that’s all, andContinue reading “Guest Blog: SEEKING THAT VALIDATION OF A ‘YES’: THE ROAD TO PUBLICATION… by COL BURY”

Short, Sharp Interview: Howard Linskey

PDB: Congratulations on the deal with Penguin. How did that come about? HL: Thanks. I’d been working on a new book with some different characters and my agent, Phil Patterson at Marjacq, sent it out to publishers. One of the first to read it was Emad Akhtar at Penguin Random House and, luckily for me, he really liked it. They completed the deal duringContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Howard Linskey”

Recommended Films: Wild Bill, Sightseers, The Angels’ Share, Harrigan, Redemption.

I take a quick gander at a few Brit Grit films that I’ve seen of late. Wild Bill Former tough guy Bill returns home to his dreary  flat in a London tower block, after 11 years in the nick, only to find out that his wife has done a runner to Spain, leaving their twoContinue reading “Recommended Films: Wild Bill, Sightseers, The Angels’ Share, Harrigan, Redemption.”